Spotlight : Anas Al Kurdi, Owner & CEO, Pixel Solutions

In my biweekly blog series, I am highlighting some of the incredible people who work for the Audio Video Industry. In this post, we are profiling Anas Al Kurdi. Here is his brief introduction.

Anas Al Kurdi is the owner and CEO of Pixel Solutions, an Audio Visual and Business Solutions Company located in Muscat, Oman.

1. Describe your journey in the AV industry? How did it start?

I started working as a sales Engineer for a company in Saudi Arabia, selling all types of office automation such as Photocopiers and large format plotters, Scanners, Audio Visual and other Office Automation systems. I found it always intriguing to sell Audio Visual products since I had a Telecom Engineering background and A/V systems has similar roots. After working there for a year, based on my technical ability and knowledge of the products, I got promoted as Audio Visual pre-sales Engineer.

Over the years, I have completed over 40 Certificates for different manufacturers, I have acquired CTS-I certificate, I have visited more than 10 international trade-shows. I have also completed a huge number of projects, some even worth millions of dollars.

2. What do you think are the challenges that are facing a new person who wants to join the industry? 

Technical knowledge and keeping up to date with products is the key. In Audio Visual industry, new products and technologies are introduced almost on a daily basis, so individuals who don’t upgrade themselves will find difficulties proposing and installing new systems. 

Also the Audio Visual industry requires people with vast knowledge in Audio, Video, Lighting, Telecommunications, Networking, Power, And Control. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find people with knowledge in all these areas. 

3. What are the positives of working in this industry?

The opportunities for individuals working in this industry is wider when compared to other industries. Sky is the limit for those who have a will to grow!

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4. What in your opinion would you change in the industry? What are the negatives that are prevalent?

Personally, I feel that a major negative is having too many AV companies with too little knowledge in complex AV systems. These companies should hire well knowledgeable personnel who are well qualified to sell, install and support such complex systems.


5. Describe your ideal client? What do you wish clients to know before hiring you? 

We deal with Government sectors and Oil and Gas sectors and hence it is very important that our clients understand our certified knowledge and rest assured that we will offer the best services and solutions for them.

6. If you were going to start over, what would you do differently? 

did not have a mentor to guide me with my career so though I started my career in the AV field, I focused on expanding my AV knowledge a little later in my career.

7. Describe a typical work day for you. What are your daily disciplines?

On a daily basis, I search for new market requirements, I work with my team and build solutions for my customers, we also install and service other systems.

8. Describe the apps and gear that you use daily which makes you more productive? 

To-do lists is a great app that helps me stay focused and organise my daily activities. I also use an electronic calendar to organise my meetings and site visits

9. How do you stay relevant in this industry? 

I keep myself updated with the latest technologies and devices the market has to offer. I also look out for new ideas and solutions that I can introduce to my customers.


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