AV Insider Spotlight : Amauri Passos, Project Coordinator (Absolut Technologies Brazil)

Every week, I am highlighting on some of the incredible people who are in the Audio Video Industry. As this blog is mostly about AV insiders, today we are profiling Amauri Passos.


Here is a brief intro about him.
Amauri Passos has worked in the Audiovisual industry for over 10 years. Amauri Passos works since 2002 at absolut technologies, which develops and implements Advanced Visualization, 3D and Virtual Reality Rooms. His current position is Project Coordinator, being responsible for all projects developed by the company, since conception, implementation and warranty, including technical support and maintenance. Amauri is the first South America’s professional to get both CTS-D (Certified Technology Specialist – Design) and CTS-I (Certified Technology Specialist – Installation) Infocomm’s certifications. Also EAVA Certified and ATP – TelePresence Video Advanced – System Engineer (SE) and Account Manager (AM) Certified.

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1.Describe your journey in the AV industry? How did it start?

I’ve started 14 years ago, as internship. At that time I was studying industrial design and my job was related to graphic design, into an AV company. Few months after I already started to work in some projects. Actually I started in complex 3D/VR projects and the knowledge has come from practice.

Few year after, as an employee, we started to make a better project structure on that organization, what includes also education. That is the key, look for knowledge, education and constant improvement.

At 2007 I got Infocomm’s CTS, certification and in 2009 I got the CTS-D and CTS-I, being the first professional in South America to get all three. Actually I am still the only one to get CTS-D, CTS-I.

I’ve started doing design documentation, and quickly moved to install and maintain, besides AV design, that is my primary activity. Today I coordinate a team and am still focused in AV design.


2.What do you think are the challenges facing a new person who wants to join the industry.

The main challenge is to get the right path of education. The industry has great professionals, some are truly heroes, but we still lack standards and sometimes, professionalism. The new professional should found his path and seek for information and improvement, in order to do his job not good enough, but exceptionally great!

The AV industry is tot yet truly mature and recognized, we have to explain to our relatives what we exactly do at work… So, we suffer for a lack of standards, for other professionals doing AV without proper knowledge, like IT guys and even architects.

Finally, industry is changing incredibly quickly, so that is a great opportunity as well a challenge, because before you finish your training some part of that could be already obsolete.

3.What are the positives of working in this industry

We love what we do.

Industry is always changing

Industry is about make people communicate, what is great and relevant. But we do it using technology, what is awesome!

4.What in your opinion would you change in the industry? What are the negatives that are prevalent ?

We need to make it more professional. We are doing it, only a matter of time..

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5.Describe your ideal client? What do you wish clients to know before hiring you.

That are not such thing. We have to be able to understand and differentiate what the customer says, wants, needs and can afford, to correctly address this information in a solution for exceptional communication.

Some customers are challenging, that is true, but a challenge is the opportunity to advance you own skills.

Customers need to be educated in AV, is also our job to do it, so they can better understand their own needs and opportunities on that field.

6.If you were going to start over, what would you do differently ?


7.Describe a typical work day for you. What are your daily disciplines?

Go job, quick look on e-mails/ PM system. Calls and chats to coordinate with field team. Calls and chats with sales and customers to needs analysis. Work designing some solutions/proposals. Give instructions to engineering team to detail projects for installation. Answer questions from co-workers. Do some research. Do some training.


8.Describe the apps and gear that you use daily which makes you more productive?

MS office
Teamwork for Project management
D-Tools for AV design
Excel, manufacturer tool online tools to calculations and design
Many video conference hardware and software, to use and test at same time.
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