AV Insider Spotlight : Cherian Sankey, Co-Founder, Six 30 Labs

AV Insider Cherian Sankey
Each week, I am highlighting on some of the incredible people who are in the Audio Video Industry. As this blog is mostly about AV insiders, today we are profiling Cherian Sankey .
Here is a brief intro about him.
Cherian Sankey was in the AV Industry for just over 6 months as a trainee in a systems integrator company. After the AV industry, he has worked in multiple profiles and is currently co- founder of six 30 labs which deals with app development.
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1.Describe your journey in the AV industry? How did it start?
I had a very pleasant introduction to the AV industry back in 2010, I started as a software programmer trainee at BOLTZ – home automation division of Firepro Systems Pvt. Ltd. Learned quite a bit and was trained by AMX and received the certification as well. Through the journey I also had opportunities to collaborate with other firms that specialise in the AV industry, this helped me gain a broad understanding of not only Home Automation but also how AV enhances the automation experience.
2.What do you think is the challenges that are facing a new person who wants to join the industry.
One of the biggest challenges for someone new to the industry is trying to gain understanding regarding networking concepts, since the AV industry revolves around how all these devices work and talk to each other.
3.What are the positives of working in this industry
The AV and the home automation industry are both growing at a rapid pace and being a part of it helps you learn and increase your knowledge base on a daily basis. 
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4.What in your opinion would you change in the industry? What are the negatives that are prevalent ?
I think the industry has progressed nicely over the past 5 years, I would encourage the path that the AV and the home industry is on at the moment. IOT, robotics, Voice recognition and AI could pave the way for a completely interconnected system at your home that automatically takes care of all your needs without you having to lift a finger.
5.Describe your ideal client? What do you wish clients to know before hiring you.
My ideal client would be someone who knows exactly what he wants to achieve, so I can easily realise his vision without having to iterate multiple times and hence incur additional costs. I wish clients knew how creative and innovative I am when it comes to projects, always looking for ways to improve client experiences.
6.If you were going to start over, what would you do differently ?
If I were to start over I would have skipped my undergraduate program and tried setting up a skill school, where students would learn based on their interests. For example, a student interested in music would learn about how electronics plays a part in the musical world. This would help students learn a great deal more as they are learning topics that ties into their interests.
7.Describe a typical work day for you. What are your daily disciplines?
Typical work day starts with Skype calls with overseas partners followed by exercises and catching up on advancements in the tech world. Daily disciplines include short meetings, having meals on time and spending quality time with family.
8.Describe the apps and gear that you use daily which makes you more productive?
Asana for task management and Slack for internal communications. Always carry my iPhone and iPad with me, having a cloud based system that helps me pull up any data from any device. 
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