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rAVe [Publications] is an opinionated news organization within the ever changing AV industry. Here, we aim to narrate the industry with important updates, analysis, and uncurbed commentary that reflects the views of our audiovisual expert authors. What rAVe journalists and bloggers write about is based on what they think and nothing else. We have done this from the beginning and for 15 years rAVe has been the number one source for audio visual news. We pride ourselves on providing our readers and subscribers with the best and most up-to-date insights, highlights, analysis, reports, and unreserved observations.

While reading around you will also notice that rAVe [Publications] heavily skews its AV news towards those we like to call “AV Insiders,” or AV professionals who sell, design, and install AV products. These Insiders are our target audience rather than audio video end users, though some of our readers may qualify as such. We do this because news about our industry can often be oversaturated with pieces that focus on “the next big thing,” are non-technical in nature, and are trying to capture a more general audience. rAVe Pubs aims to fill this void and give AV Insiders the technical and important news they need with a flare they will enjoy.

Our AV news and analysis is distributed through many channels including: industry newsletters, online articles, press releases, blog posts, infographics, radio podcasts, videos, survey reports, social media, and much more! rAVe’s bloggers and podcasters are subject matter experts in the audiovisual industry and are more than happy to discuss their ideas with you. Drop us a line in the comments via social media, or email and let us know what you think about rAVe, the #1 AV News Publication. Period.