AV Insider Spotlight : Burick Graham, CEO – Jetsons Living

Each week, I am highlighting some of the incredible people who are in the Audio Video Industry. As this blog is mostly about AV insiders, today we are profiling Burick Graham .

Here is a brief intro about him.
Burick Graham has worked in the Audiovisual industry from 2004. He is currently the CEO of Jetsons Living.

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1.Describe the story of your company Jetsons Living and the challenges behind it?

I’ve always been a tech enthusiast. After I bought a house I began to search for home automation and A/V options that I could implement. After doing some research I found that all the major brands were way over priced and all their features could be accomplished with more cost effective solutions. That gave me the idea to create my own product. Something that was cost effective and that could be better than anything on the market. That thought gave birth to our product that we now call Arden. It has grown from a A/V product to being the most advanced and must have video surveillance peripheral on market. Not to mention our overlay, voice control, e-commerce abilities, and more. And its still getting better.

The main obstacle is name recognition. We currently make the absolute best residential video surveillance solution in the world. But the issue is no one knows about us. Brand awareness is a challenge for any company especially a small one. But we are up for the challenge. With our product being new and unlike anything in the world, i am confident that we will be a household name soon.

I get fulfillment in doing something no one else has been able to figure out. Things like integrating 3rd party product and enable features that the makers don’t even know how to do. For example our integration with Ring Doorbell was deemed impossible by everyone. I had to think outside the box to figure out how to do it but after hours of trying, I successfully gave their product tv functionality, Amazon echo support, and video overlay support. That to me is very rewarding.

2.What in your opinion would you change in the industry? What are the negatives that are prevalent ?

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I would change what I call the good old boy network. In this industry, builders and developers only work with a tight network or people. It’s very hard to get a foot in the door even if you have a better product or service that you can provide for the customer. I want to bring our system to compare with every company that offers anything similar. I’m extremely confident that we will outperform everyone. But sadly that’s not how the industry works.

3.Describe your ideal client? What do you wish clients to know before hiring you?

My ideal client wants the best. They are open to new ideas and solutions that are outside the box. The ideal client loves innovation and are not afraid to trying something new.

4.If you were going to start over, what would you do differently ?

I would attempt to garner more connections. In this industry or so comes down to most who you know rather than what you know.

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5.Describe a typical work day for you. What are your daily disciplines?

The day consists of making new relationships with clients and people of influence. I also try to get a few hours trying to improve upon an already existing product. My philosophy is if I’m going to make something then make sure it’s the best. So that’s what I try to do everyday.

6.Describe the apps and gear that you use daily which makes you more productive?

I predominantly use LinkedIn and Facebook
Both for marketing and networking. I find social media to be a very vital platform to achieve success and try to exploit their benefits daily.

7. How do you stay relevant in this industry?

Content, content, content. No one knows about you and until they know about you. So pitting out videos, post, and other content on a daily basis is the best way to say relevant.

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