signageOS Elevates Security Standards With Continuous SOC 2 Type II Compliance

January 29, 2024

San Francisco, California, January 22, 2024 – signageOS, a prominent provider of digital signage software infrastructure, announces the successful completion of its 2023 audit for SOC 2 Type II compliance in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This milestone solidifies signageOS’s long-term dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security, […]

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signageOS Announces Completion of 2023 Audit for SOC 2 Type II Compliance

January 24, 2024

signageOS announced the successful completion of its 2023 audit for SOC 2 Type II compliance in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This milestone “solidifies signageOS’s long-term dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security, integrity, and privacy of customer data throughout its operations.” SOC 2 Type II compliance, a […]

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signageOS Incorporates Screenfeed’s HTML5 Content Test Scenarios

October 17, 2023

signageOS led an expansion in its benchmarking assessments by incorporating Screenfeed’s HTML5 content test scenarios. Screenfeed is delivers dynamic data-driven digital signage content. The tests aim to assess the proficiency of digital signage displays in showcasing the significance of HTML5 in delivering dynamic and engaging content. This strategic integration seeks to establish a new industry […]

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signageOS Announces Support for BrightSign Series 5 Media Players

October 3, 2023

signageOS announced support for the latest BrightSign Series 5 media players. signageOS says all models in this series feature the newest version of Chromium, ensuring they are up-to-date and compatible, support modern web technology and are as fast as can be. The company claims the media players offer multi-output in the XC2055 and 4055, PC-class […]

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AVI-SPL to Deploy signageOS’s Digital Signage Monitoring Solutions

September 25, 2023

AVI-SPL will deploy signageOS’s digital signage monitoring solutions to provide to its clients. The companies say the joint effort between signageOS and AVI-SPL allows both companies to unite and capitalize on their unique strengths and industry knowledge to improve and provide digital signage services for diverse business sectors. AVI-SPL says the signageOS agreement gives AVI-SPL […]

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SignageOS Splits, Now Offering Into Two Different Products — CloudControl and DevSpace

June 12, 2023

SignageOS is now two different products — CloudControl and DevSpace. CloudControl is a tool that allows remote management of different digital signage devices across various platforms and operating systems. As you know, traditional device management software often limits users to a single platform. signageOS says that with CloudControl, users can save time and resources by […]

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Sony’s Alliance with signageOS Will Nearly Double its Display Compatibility

November 17, 2022

Sony Corporation is partnering with signageOS to provide streamlined integration to support Sony’s professional BRAVIA displays and create a more connected digital signage and content management system (CMS) framework for the company and its partners across the globe. The new signageOS alliance will nearly double the compatibility of Sony’s displays to offer support for close […]

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SignageOS and Nexmosphere Partner for Sensor Compatibility

November 19, 2020

SignageOS, the only unification technology platform in digital signage, and Nexmosphere, a developer and manufacturer of interactive sensors for retail, have partnered to offer cross-platform compatibility of Nexmosphere sensors to a variety of digital signage smart displays and media players. Through this partnership, companies can now create interactive digital signage experiences with Nexmosphere sensors to […]

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SignageOS Now Supports W3C Open Standard SMIL

October 8, 2020

SignageOS expands the unification technology platform to support the W3C open standard, SMIL, for content distribution to any digital signage System-on-a-Chip display or media player. signageOS partners can now utilize signageOS and SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) as an accelerated, cost-effective route to application development, content deployment, and remote management for any digital signage hardware. […]

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Updated: Digital Signage Software Platform Provider, SignageOS, Received $2 Million in Funding From Reflex Capital

July 27, 2020

  An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Reflex Capital was rumored to now own around 40% of signageOS. The ownership percentage has been confirmed as “less than 15%” according to signageOS CEO Stan Richter. SignageOS just told rAVe that the company received $2 million in early-stage funding from Reflex Capital, a private […]

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signageOS Announces Elo Integration for Digital Signage

November 7, 2018

signageOS introduces the universal Elo integration for digital signage. Elo’s embedded, Android-based displays are now fully compatible with the signageOS supported devices list. Elo offers multiple lines of embedded Android displays for digital signage. Elo is one of the only major suppliers with displays running on newer versions of Android like Nougat 7.1. Developing a […]

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signageOS Unveils Raspberry Pi Integration for Digital Signage

October 11, 2018

signageOS introduced this month the Raspberry Pi custom integration for digital signage. The Raspberry Pi can be used as a standalone player or as an embedded compute module in the NEC large format displays. The advantages of using Raspberry Pi are basically that it’s an affordable, non-proprietary mini-computer that’sOS agnostic. The custom Linux core developed […]

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signageOS Intros Universal Video Wall Synchronization for SoC Devices and Digital Signage Players

June 22, 2018

signageOS has developed what they are calling the first digital signage video wall synchronization feature that is compatible with any major operating system or digital signage hardware on the market, without the requirement of other external equipment. Leveraging the power of SoC displays the signageOS video wall characteristics include: Functionality without requiring external players, daisy […]

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