signageOS Unveils Raspberry Pi Integration for Digital Signage

signageOS introduced this month the Raspberry Pi custom integration for digital signage. The Raspberry Pi can be used as a standalone player or as an embedded compute module in the NEC large format displays.

The advantages of using Raspberry Pi are basically that it’s an affordable, non-proprietary mini-computer that’sOS agnostic. The custom Linux core developed by signageOS contains an application specifically for digital signage.

Leveraging the power of Raspberry Pi for digital signage, examples of features included with the signageOS API are:

  • Gapless video playback and live streaming
  • API for device control (reboot, timer scheduling, etc.)
  • All screen orientation support
  • Remote live screenshots
  • Cloud integration with regular patches and upgrades
  • Secure processing of sensitive software, patches and upgrades signed by signageOS

CMS companies have the option to create inexpensive and entry to medium-level digital signage installations using the low-cost Raspberry Pi technology through signageOS as this functional integration includes every management and monitoring feature listed in the signageOS features list.

Here are more details.