signageOS Incorporates Screenfeed’s HTML5 Content Test Scenarios

signageos screenfeed

signageOS led an expansion in its benchmarking assessments by incorporating Screenfeed’s HTML5 content test scenarios. Screenfeed is delivers dynamic data-driven digital signage content. The tests aim to assess the proficiency of digital signage displays in showcasing the significance of HTML5 in delivering dynamic and engaging content. This strategic integration seeks to establish a new industry standard for the digital signage industry.

signageOS says it regularly conducts extensive benchmarking assessment reports, in collaboration with display brands. The benchmarking process entails an assessment that includes 61 test scenarios divided into 15 categories. These tests are created with precise requirements, objectives and prerequisites that these displays must meet in order to be certified, signaling their potential for success in the dynamic digital signage industry.

The inclusion of Screenfeed’s HTML5 content test is designed to evaluate how well the display renders and plays modern web content crafted with highly dynamic HTML5 content apps. This encompasses Screenfeed’s weather, sports and news content. This integrated evaluation scrutinizes crucial aspects, including rendering quality, checking for issues like distortion or misalignment, ensuring seamless transitions, assessing interactivity, animation frame rates and overall performance. Through a thorough examination of these factors, the assessments aim to guarantee that the displays deliver a visually captivating and informative user experience.