signageOS Announces Completion of 2023 Audit for SOC 2 Type II Compliance


signageOS announced the successful completion of its 2023 audit for SOC 2 Type II compliance in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This milestone “solidifies signageOS’s long-term dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security, integrity, and privacy of customer data throughout its operations.”

SOC 2 Type II compliance, a widely recognized industry benchmark, affirms that signageOS has “instituted robust internal controls and protective measures to safeguard customer data against unauthorized access while also possessing the capability to identify anomalies and security incidents throughout its entire ecosystem.”

This certification involves an evaluation of diverse factors, encompassing the organization’s security processes, data protection protocols and overall information security management systems, conducted over an extended period of time. This ensures a sustained dedication to the implementation of security best practices.

The significance of SOC 2 Type II compliance for signageOS goes beyond mere regulatory adherence. It emerges as a potent distinguishing factor, fostering trust among both customers and partners. Clients can now place heightened trust in signageOS, reassured that their data is handled with the utmost care. Moreover, signageOS maintains a security portal with real-time compliance monitoring at

In a competitive landscape where data and operational security hold paramount importance, SOC 2 Type II compliance positions signageOS as a reliable partner. This gives businesses the assurance to embrace digital signage solutions confidently, knowing that security is prioritized without compromise.