I Just Toured the Smartest Smart Building in Switzerland — All Its Content Is Managed By SpinetiX

millennium exterior switzerland

Last month, I flew to Lausanne, Switzerland, to spend two days understanding how a digital signage company, SpinetiX, is totally managing the content for every single room in the Millennium. The Millennium isn’t your average workplace. In addition to housing a TV station and about a dozen corporations, it also includes:

  • A 500-seat auditorium outfitted with a Barco DCA-compliant 4K Cinema Projector
  • A 450 m2 flexible reception hall with a 48 x 9 aspect ratio LED
  • An ultra-premium dance club
  • A conference center with 12 adaptable UCC-based rooms
  • A catering service led by a chef, Meilleur Ouvrier de France
  • An event/ballroom space filled with Epson projection and numerous complementary services including full-time reception
  • A concierge
  • An art gallery
  • A bookstore
  • A fitness center
  • A hair salon
  • Dry cleaning
  • A 500-space parking deck

ALL of this is totally managed by SpinetiX signage players and its ARYA cloud-based management platform.

Millennium Club

Don’t believe me, watch this video tour I recorded:

SpinetiX is using it as a case study showcasing the integration of its digital signage solution at Millennium. This case study demonstrates the role of SpinetiX in shaping the future of smart buildings with immersive, experiential signage that transforms every interaction and enhances visitor experiences. The SpinetiX digital signage solution lies at the heart of Millennium, supercharging experiences beyond the ordinary. 150 strategically placed throughout the building displays of all shapes and sizes serve multiple vertical needs: hospitality, corporate and entertainment, making every welcome warmer and every interaction “seamless and memorable.”

spinetix millennium lobby welcome

The digital signage installation at Millennium merges aesthetics with functionality to elevate resident staff and visitor interactions across the entire building. This project highlights the versatility and robust performance of the SpinetiX Complete Digital Signage Solution, including the SpinetiX ARYA CMS, iBX440 and HMP400 media players and Elementi software.

Millennium auditorium 03 copy

The finished Millennium project has set a new benchmark for smart buildings, offering seamless integration of digital signage into various environments — from corporate and hospitality to events and entertainment. Planned for at the very inception of the building, the digital signage installation at Millennium includes over 150 displays, all managed through the intuitive SpinetiX ARYA CMS, ensuring consistent experiences with branded digital signage content delivered across multiple locations: lobby and reception, conference center, cafeteria and fine-dining restaurant, retail locations, gym, hallways, elevators, as well as around the exterior of the building.

millennium conferences executive 01 copy

“SpinetiX digital signage, with its impact on people, really lies at the heart and soul of the Millennium building. The Millennium is really an amazing facility, and as our offices are located within the building, it also serves as the SpinetiX Experience Center,” said Francesco Ziliani, CEO at SpinetiX.

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Designed for long-term durability and with security at the core, SpinetiX digital signage meets the rigorous specifications necessary for long-term, reliable performance in multiple scenarios and in both indoor and outdoor settings. This enables full autonomy for the end customer, enabling Millennium’s team to easily maintain their signage installation while integrating securely with cloud experiences and third-party systems.

millennium conferences 02

“We had a vision with this building: to create a space of life where people would enjoy working in an extraordinary 5-star environment, but also experiencing live shows, events, and good restaurants, and we have made sure that digital signage is part of these memorable experiences beyond the ordinary,” Francesco Ziliani, CEO at SpinetiX, added.

Vision Accomplished! I am duly blown away …

Millennium LaVerriere menuboard

Here’s a case study they produced on the install: