Cablecast Launches Government Video Podcast Ahead of NAB 2024

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Cablecast Community Media, a pioneer in video playout server automation and multi-platform content distribution for Public, Education and Government (PEG) access channels, is launching The Government Video Podcast for video professionals in local government ahead of NAB Show 2024 next week in Las Vegas.

Listeners can expect a bi-monthly episode drop as co-hosts Dana Healy, Vice President for Cablecast, and Michelle Alimoradi, Marketing Director for Cablecast, peel back the layers of video work in the public sector with discussions backed by real-world examples, case studies, and a community of experts sharing their insights.

Cablecast is in its third year of publishing a monthly newsletter for video specialists in government, which was recently rebranded as Government Video Digest to align with the podcast. In 2023, the team leveled up engagement with its PEG contingency with the Connected Communities Summit, a two-day livestream event during NAB Show on streaming workflows for government meetings and overall government video best practices.

“The Summit started because NAB, which is great place for solving video workflow problems, felt too commercial and lacked sessions for the public sector,” Alimoradi explained. “We noticed that the program managers, PIOs, city clerks and other folks in local government communications roles wanted a dedicated space to discuss their specific challenges. That’s how the Summit was born.”

Following the success of the Summit, Alimoradi said the Cablecast team realized the demand was too big for a single event as NAB. That’s how the idea for the podcast was born.

The first two episodes of the Government Video Podcast, which are now streaming on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music, aim to bring clarity to city communication teams around best practices, drive innovation among local government video professionals, and provide a toolkit to expand service delivery through broadcast video and streaming. The second episode focuses specifically on NAB Show tips, noting that while some listeners may be very familiar with the event, others have never attended (or even heard of it).

Healy and Alimoradi, who have each worked in the industry for decades, called out a need to discuss what’s working and what isn’t in this sector. They agreed their daily interactions in their roles have revealed a wide range of stakeholders, lack of uniformity, and vastly different skill sets among departments from city to city. “We want to bring practitioners and experts together to discuss organizational structures, departmental responsibilities, and innovative projects within the video space for government entities,” Healy added.

The Cablecast Team, with more than 25 years of dedication to community media and a growing relationship with municipalities, is well-positioned to connect station operators, policy leaders, and legal experts from all over the country to fill in knowledge and capacity gaps, as well as help municipal video organizations do the most for their residents. Healy and Alimoradi also aim to make media management more efficient for city video operations and save staff time when distributing media across multiple platforms like cable channels, websites, and mobile and OTT streaming apps.

With Healy and Alimoradi trading off as hosts, the Government Video Podcast will dive into discussions on media content accessibility, gear, broadcast and streaming workflows, plus the nuances of policy, compliance, and the role of video in expanded resident services. Future episodes will explore the influence of AI on government operations, shifts in content demands like the transition from voter mobilization to secure voting practices, and the integration of video into broader civic initiatives.

For more information, to subscribe to the podcast, or to become part of the conversation, visit the Government Video Podcast page on the Cablecast website. Cablecast is also exhibiting during NAB Show at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel, Suite 839, next to the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendees can schedule a meeting to learn more about the company and its PEG channel solutions here.