Barco ClickShare Range is Nearly Carbon-Neutral; Earns CO2logic Label


Barco announced a major step in ClickShare’s path towards a full carbon-neutral offering for meeting collaboration. The ClickShare Bar has been granted the carbon-neutral label by leading climate advisory organization CO2logic, a South Pole company, and is the second ClickShare product to receive the carbon-neutral label after the ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation. With this recognition, Barco says it reinforces its commitment to design with sustainability in mind, as the ClickShare Bar is the first carbon-neutral video bar for wireless conferencing on the market, according to the company.

Carbon-Neutral ClickShare Bar Facts:

  • The ClickShare Bar contains 35% next-life, recycled plastics.
  • Packaging is made of 86% recycled and 98% recyclable materials.
  • 100% waste reduction between suppliers: packaging is completely re-used for shipments to and from main suppliers.
  • Power savings outperform the strictest Extended Producer Responsibility (ERP) legislation requirements for standby mode by two times. In addition, it is 30% more energy efficient than competition in BYOD mode.
  • Efficient waste management and recycling commitment with ClickShare’s Trade-in program.
  • The ClickShare Bar emits 299,2 kg of CO2 in a 5-year lifecycle. That same 299,2 kg of CO2 is neutralized in the Huadu Afforestation project by planting 2,4 trees per ClickShare Bar.

The Huadu Afforestation Project offsets the remaining carbon emissions associated with the production and use of the video bars by strategically planting trees to transform the wasteland into a thriving forest in the Guizhou province in South China. Next to protecting the biodiversity of the region, the project creates jobs and education opportunities for communities and improves the local economy.