Here’s How Logitech and Microsoft Are Integrating Copilot AI into Meetings

microsoft copilot ai meetings

Using Logitech‘s videoconferencing device capabilities and Microsoft Teams’ Ai-based features accessible through both personal computers and native Teams Rooms, the two companies have a partnership in AI using Copilot.

How does Copilot work in Microsoft Teams?

In Microsoft Teams environments, Copilot enhances collaboration and helps employees get the most out of their Teams chats and meetings. Copilot helps to recap, identify follow-up tasks, create agendas and ask questions for more effective and focused meetings. With Copilot employees can understand key takeaways, see what they’ve missed, and pinpoint key people of interest in chat threads they were added to.

microsoft teams copilot ai meetings

In a Microsoft Teams Room on Windows, where participants are all physically in one place, Copilot will bring the same capabilities by harnessing the feature set of the Logitech video bar in the room. During meetings, video bars like the Rally Bar line capture clear audio through top-of-the-line built-in microphones. The Teams Rooms software will then recognize and attribute meeting dialogue and transcripts to the correct speakers, which will enable Copilot to summarize discussions and provide insights. Once speaker recognition is in public preview it will be available for the entire range of Logitech conference cameras.

Here are some scenarios:

  • With Copilot, when someone arrives late, they’ll be offered a summary of what they missed. This quick catch-up helps to get everyone caught up without having to repeat the material.
  • Then, during the transition into the summary and assignment phase of the meeting, Copilot can be used to summarize key takeaways and action items. Those who were previously dedicated notetakers can focus on the meeting, and facilitators can easily call up what needs to be done.
  • For participants who missed the meeting, or just need a quick summary, Copilot provides meeting summaries and key insights like assignments, main points, and discussion recaps.
  • There are a variety of ways that Copilot will help employees save time with meetings whether they missed it, arrived late, or just need a quick review.