signageOS Intros Universal Video Wall Synchronization for SoC Devices and Digital Signage Players

signageOS has developed what they are calling the first digital signage video wall synchronization feature that is compatible with any major operating system or digital signage hardware on the market, without the requirement of other external equipment.

Leveraging the power of SoC displays the signageOS video wall characteristics include:

  • Functionality without requiring external players, daisy chain cables, authoring software, etc.
  • Allows for synchronization of content including but not limited to multiple videos, images, HTML5 content, device network data, etc.
  • Complete web-based functionality

CMS companies can freely begin to build unique video wall software implementations and installations using the signageOS video wall API. Video wall synchronization on the signageOS platform will provide companies with the freedom to differentiate between hardware in order to meet the needs of their company and customers while maintaining the same features across all devices.

signageOS is here.