signageOS Announces Elo Integration for Digital Signage

signageOS introduces the universal Elo integration for digital signage. Elo’s embedded, Android-based displays are now fully compatible with the signageOS supported devices list.

Elo offers multiple lines of embedded Android displays for digital signage. Elo is one of the only major suppliers with displays running on newer versions of Android like Nougat 7.1. Developing a native application for Elo displays running on Android 7.1 provides the high-level of performance and security with the compatibility of the signageOS cloud.

The development of a native application for Elo touch displays provides the necessary requirements for high-quality installations among many other features including:

  • Seamless device provisioning
  • Gapless video playback and live streaming
  • Complete device management
  • Fully supported content features

Details on signageOS are here.