SignageOS and Nexmosphere Partner for Sensor Compatibility

nexmosphere signageos

SignageOS, the only unification technology platform in digital signage, and Nexmosphere, a developer and manufacturer of interactive sensors for retail, have partnered to offer cross-platform compatibility of Nexmosphere sensors to a variety of digital signage smart displays and media players. Through this partnership, companies can now create interactive digital signage experiences with Nexmosphere sensors to drive engagement and conversions using digital signage hardware such as Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Raspberry Pi, BenQ, BrightSign, ELO and Philips, among other hardware types.

To foster such experiences and enable greater adherence to safety guidelines, the signageOS and Nexmosphere partnership provides cross-platform compatibility of the Nexmosphere sensors to many digital signage smart displays, media players and platforms. Nexmosphere sensors and actuators foster real-time visitor engagement and interaction through presence detection and analysis, motion detection, and a variety of other technologies.

The integration of signageOS and Nexmosphere offers partners the opportunity to utilize many digital signage hardware types in conjunction with Nexmosphere sensors to create captivating digital signage experiences for visitors while maintaining health and safety guidelines.