SignageOS Now Supports W3C Open Standard SMIL

signageos smil

SignageOS expands the unification technology platform to support the W3C open standard, SMIL, for content distribution to any digital signage System-on-a-Chip display or media player. signageOS partners can now utilize signageOS and SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) as an accelerated, cost-effective route to application development, content deployment, and remote management for any digital signage hardware.

Usage of SMIL offers a straight-forward syntax for screen zoning and scheduling of externally stored multimedia. The compatibility of the open standard, SMIL, with any digital signage hardware allows partners to support and publish custom content to any digital signage hardware with drastically reduced development time. Achieve seamless, 4K content playback along with many other digital experience features as well as complete remote hardware management through signageOS and SMIL.

The SMIL method to content distribution now offers compatibility of additional languages and web-based functionality that were previously unsupported in earlier versions of SMIL. SMIL usage also supports comprehensive remote hardware management capabilities offered by signageOS. Utilize signageOS and SMIL to rapidly use new digital signage hardware and drastically save on development time.