AVI-SPL to Deploy signageOS’s Digital Signage Monitoring Solutions


AVI-SPL will deploy signageOS’s digital signage monitoring solutions to provide to its clients.

The companies say the joint effort between signageOS and AVI-SPL allows both companies to unite and capitalize on their unique strengths and industry knowledge to improve and provide digital signage services for diverse business sectors.

AVI-SPL says the signageOS agreement gives AVI-SPL a comprehensive suite of future-proof digital signage solutions to support, monitor and manage distributed display networks for their customers. Using signageOS, AVI-SPL can streamline content delivery and help ensure a consistent and engaging end user experience for their clients.

“We are absolutely thrilled to unveil our collaboration with AVI-SPL, an organization that resonates with our profound enthusiasm for innovation and automation,” said Mirek Kren, COO of signageOS. “It is with great anticipation that we embark on the journey into the realm of Digital Signage, a venture that holds immense potential. Our collaboration will undoubtedly bring forth new and exciting opportunities for both companies.”

AVI-SPL says it excels at improving organizational communication through AV systems, collaboration platforms and digital signage solutions. Leveraging signageOS’s remote device management platform will give AVI-SPL access to real-time data about hardware performance, diagnostic capabilities and remote management of device settings. AVI-SPL says it plans to expand its services platform by seamlessly integrating signageOS with its native applications, which already support thousands of customer environments today.

“Digital signage plays a crucial role in how brands connect with their stakeholders. Adding signageOS capabilities to our service management technology stack enhances the outcomes we deliver for our digital signage clients,“ said Karen Klosinski, vice president of product and solutions, AVI-SPL.