Rants & rAVes — Episode 1311: For You AV Folks Interested in Getting Into Digital Signage, You Need to Join DSF

rants&rAVes template 1311

On the latest “Steph Takeover” episode of Rants & rAVes, I speak with Bryan Meszaros of OpenEye Global to talk about the Digital Signage Federation (DSF). DSF’s goal is to educate its members and other stakeholders about digital signage trends, important markets and more through education, networking and advocacy. If you’re someone in AV who wants to learn more about this important area of our industry, you can join or attend any of its upcoming events.

We’re thrilled to have DSF as a partner for LAVNCH WEEK 9. You can find out more about that virtual event — coming up March 18-21. Register here.