LAVNCH WEEK 9: ProAV Day Recap


Hello and welcome to the recap of the final day of LAVNCH WEEK 9, ProAV Day! We’ve saved the best for last: ProAV stands as a cornerstone of the AV industry, providing the essential infrastructure and technology needed to deliver seamless audio and visual experiences across various applications. Whether it’s in corporate settings, educational institutions, houses of worship, entertainment venues or public spaces, ProAV solutions play a crucial role in enhancing communication, collaboration and engagement.

This edition of LAVNCH WEEK 9 analyzed the state of the ProAV market through educational sessions that taught attendees about the technologies that keep the market spinning and examined the latest tech trends. If you missed it, no worries! ProAV Day and the rest of the LAVNCH WEEK 9 lineup are now available on demand here.

I’ve written the recap below to give you a sneak peek of what you’ll find, but trust me, my quick rundown doesn’t capture all the good stuff! Be sure to dive into the full episode to get the full picture.

Schedule & Lineup

Computer Comforts Uses rAVe to Launch New Transformer Lectern

As many of you may know, Gary Kayye teaches advertising at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In the first segment of ProAV Day, Frank Kolavo of Computer Comforts packed up his truck and drove to the university’s campus to demo the new Transformer Lectern aimed at higher education institutions with Gary Kayye. Kolavo has worked with the university in the past to create flexible lecterns, but says the Transformer was created when integrators at InfoComm requested an iteration with a more robust rack.

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“The reason I’m calling it the Transformer is because I’m taking our high-end AV cabinet and transforming it into a free-standing lectern,” Kolavo said.

Amplifying Worship Through Audiovisual Artistry

In this panel, Steph was joined by Luke Jordan of Electro Acoustics and Bob Nahrstadt of Clark. The panel discussion delved into the intriguing intersection of technology and spirituality within places of worship. Exploring how sound, light, and visuals could enhance congregational experiences, the panel unveiled the secrets to crafting immersive environments that fostered deeper connections during religious gatherings.

InfoComm 2024 Sneak Peek

It’s hard to believe, but InfoComm is already just a few months away. In this segment, Emily Dean and Rochelle Richardson of AVIXA gave attendees a sneak peek into what they can expect for this year’s InfoComm in Las Vegas.

ProAV Update

Screen Shot 2024 03 22 at 2.03.25 PM

In this segment, Alexis La Broi of Midpoint Technology Group, Erica Williams of Henderson Engineers and Kristin Price of Priceless Music discussed the latest ProAV trends and how they’ll impact the future of the industry. Some of the topics they covered included:

  • Work from home opportunities in 2024 for ProAV integrators
  • Future ProAV technology
  • Arena and stadium technology
  • Personal branding for ProAV professionals

That’s all for my recap of ProAV Day! All of LAVNCH WEEK 9, inlcuding our Digital Signage, EdTech and UCC day.