This Yamaha ADECIA Ceiling Mic Demo Might Just Be the Best One I’ve Ever Done, Live!


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It’s not often we get to do LIVE demos. Most of the time, brands want to pre-record demos just to make sure everything goes well. I don’t blame them. But not Yamaha. They joined me on LAVNCH WEEK 9 this week and insisted on doing it live. LAVNCH WEEK is a live product introduction event using our LAVNCH platform designed to introduce new products — so this was perfectly positioned for what they had planned.

But the Yamaha RM-CG isn’t just any old ceiling mic, nor was this just a plain old demo. In this case, the ADECIA RM-CG Ceiling Microphone was installed inside a 40’ x 30’ garage with a 25’ ceiling and zero acoustic treatment. The garage — and that’s literally what it is, a garage — is filled with Yamaha motorcycles owned by Tim Mackie, a Field Systems Engineer with Yamaha’s UCC group, and it’s made of metal — nope, not wood, no acoustic tiles and no drywall — just metal and a concrete floor.

Anyway, it’s installed above a makeshift workstation he uses as his home office in Austin, Texas. So, he starts by presenting with the mic right over his head. But then, and this is where the demo shined; he literally walks all over this garage and even whispers from 20 feet away, and you can still hear him like he’s whispering into the mic itself. No, this is not at all an exaggeration.

But there’s more. Then, he walks over to the door, opens it while turned away from the ceiling mic and whispers again, WHILE outside. And it still sounds like he’s whispering right into the mic. I am not kidding. Watch this:

So, was I exaggerating? I’m duly impressed. Technically, this is called the Yamaha ADECIA RM-CG Ceiling Microphone Solution and here are the specs.

If this can work in a giant garage, it can pretty much work anywhere. Still don’t believe me? Book your own demo here.

That said, I did notice that in that stash of Yamaha-branded motorcycles in Tim’s garage, there is a Kawasaki…