LAVNCH WEEK 9: Digital Signage Day Recap

LAVNCH WEEK 9 Digital Signage Day

LAVNCH WEEK is one of my favorite virtual events put on by the rAVe team. Not only do we get to hear from a wide variety of industry experts, but we get to chat with other attendees on the LAVNCH platform’s networking feature.

This time around, LAVNCH WEEK looks a little different for me since I’ve been behind-the-scenes — it gave me the pleasure of watching Steph, Gary and others lead panels with industry thought leaders. Let’s dig into what happened during Digital Signage Day of LAVNCH WEEK 9.

LAVNCH WEEK 9 Digital Signage Day Agenda

ICYMI, here’s the lineup from Digital Signage Day:

A Sneak Peek of the SpinetiX Experience Center

Gary Kayye paired up with SpinetiX’ CEO Francesco Ziliani for an inside look at the company’s experience center in Switzerland.

“We had a vision for this building: to create a space of life where people would enjoy working while collaborating and [are able to] experience live shows, events, good restaurants. And we have made sure that digital signage is the heart and soul of this building,” said Zillani.

Gary Kayye and Francesco Ziliani at the SpinetiX Experience Center in Switzerland

Gary Kayye and Francesco Ziliani at the SpinetiX Experience Center in Switzerland.

The Millenium, the building that is home to the SpinetiX Experience Center, features an entrance with digital signage synced to a water fountain and a lobby with a 32×9 aspect ratio widescreen 8k display. There’s also a conferencing and executive center with digital signage by SpinetiX, including a 500-seat auditorium. Click here to see the full tour for yourself.

Illuminating Retail Experiences with Digital Signage Innovations

On this panel, moderated by Steph Beckett, Lauren Butcher of Pioneer Group and Laila Hede Jensen of Zenova ApS chatted about retail digital signage and how those experiences can make or break a brick-and-mortar experience.

LAVNCH WEEK 9 Retail Digital Signage Panel

Laila Hede Jensen (left), Lauren Butcher (upper right), Steph Beckett (lower right)

The conversation started off discussing trends and how things are changing in retail digital signage. “We’re moving away from the hardware focus, we’re going into solutions: ‘What is the problem that you want to solve or what is something you want to achieve?’ And that is a journey we’ve been transitioning into for the couple of years” said Hede Jensen.

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The trio also discussed how to use technology to bring shoppers back to brick and mortar. “You hear this term ‘influencer marketing’ where everyone is buying something because someone’s promoted it on Instagram. You need to have that messaging aligned throughout socials and in your store,” said Butcher. “You can do things like social media walls in your store which gives [shoppers] the feeling of gamification and makes [your customers] feel more involved. These platforms need to be aligned with brick and mortar stores.”

DSE 2024 Sneak Peek

rAVe’s Emily Dean was joined by David Drain, director of event programs for Digital Signage Experience (DSE). They discussed trends, including artificial intelligence, that are expected to be showcased on the show floor and during educational sessions and dove into the show’s co-location with LDI.

DSE 2024 Sneak Peek at LAVNCH WEEK 9

David Drain discussed DSE 2024 with Emily Dean.

Drain also pointed out that the event’s call for speakers is open until the end of the month and encouraged industry professionals to apply via this link.

To learn more about DSE 2024, click here.

Digital Signage Update

Bryan Meszaros, CEO of OpenEye Global, moderated this panel where Nicole Richardson Fafara and Carol Feeley-Vario discussed the current state of digital signage. Amongst the subjects covered were LED technology, graphic trends, interactive signage and more.

Digital Signage Update panel during LAVNCH WEEK 9

Bryan Meszaros (left), Carol Feeley-Vario (upper right) and Nicole Richardson Fafara (lower right) discuss the latest digital signage trends during LAVNCH WEEK 9.

Missed LAVNCH WEEK 9 Digital Signage Day?

Didn’t make it to Digital Signage Day? Missed a panel? Want an instant replay? You can easily watch LAVNCH WEEK 9 Digital Signage Day (and all the other days!) via the LAVNCH platform. Click here to log in and watch Digital Signage Day on-demand.

Thank You LAVNCH WEEK 9 Partners and Sponsors

A special thank you to our industry partners who help make this event a success: AVIXA, Digital Signage Federation, Edge, HETMA, Illinois Digital Educators Alliance, NSCA and WAVIT.

And, of course, thank you to our LAVNCH WEEK 9 Digital Signage Day sponsor SpinetiX. To learn more about SpinetiX, visit