No More ‘I Am Sharing My Screen’

videoconference screen

Yes, we suffer from more than just Zoom fatigue. The ProAV industry also suffers from “would-be-Zoom fatigue.” The weariness that comes with hearing about another contender that hopes to knock out remote work incumbents like Zoom and Teams.

Yet, Switchboard comes with more spark.

Spark Capital, that is. Switchboard raised $13.8 million backed by Spark Capital, Sequoia, XYZ, The General Partnership and others.

If you haven’t heard about this company, that’s because Switchboard emerged out of stealth to launch its beta.

Switchboard is a cloud coworking space, powering remote work by bringing together teams and their tools for side-by-side collaboration.

Switchboard lets users videoconference and work within multiple web-based applications — from Google Docs and Figma, to Trello and Jira — in a single virtual room. Instead of toggling between tabs and apps or having to share a screen, users can bring all of their materials to shared space.

OK, let me repeat that: No more, “I am sharing my screen, do you see it?”

Switchboard uses fast cloud browsers to avoid the need for users to “share your screen” to share browser tabs, images or PDFs. One interactive web browser makes it possible for Switchboard users have access to any web-based applications or tools side-by-side with their co-workers.

Users can also create permanent public and private rooms that keep all the apps and files for projects and recurring meetings open for the next time they’re ready to collaborate. Each room has a “meeting memory,” which includes a history of chat threads and the content shared, making meeting prep (and wrap-up) smoother. Users will no longer have to scramble to find the right links and files because it’s all stored.

And the platform uses modern, secure, hosted cloud infrastructure for all its services and storage and stores minimal data. It is also SOC 2 compliant.

Switchboard was founded in 2020 by Amir Ashkenazi and already holds five patents for its technology. Its executives include alums from Apple, eBay, Samsung, Mozilla and Dropbox.

“Switchboard exists because we deserve a work environment that helps us actually do the work together. Right now, we often spend more time figuring out how to work together than doing the work itself,” says Ashkenazi. “With Switchboard, you have everything you need side by side: all your workplace tools and most importantly, your people. Our digital coworking space blends the productive elements of remote working, while fostering the human connection we need to thrive.”

Switchboard Beta is currently free to all users at