rePLAY InfoComm 2022 — Day 2

Screen Shot 2022 06 15 at 1.48 2Our hosts are back! Today, Director of Marketing Emily Dean joins Managing Editor Steph Beckett for another day of rePLAY InfoComm 2022. They met with AV professionals and guests to discuss their perspectives on the show.

A Few Favorite Products

“I was honestly impressed with all the UCC solutions in general. Plus, I’m a big fan of everything that Logitech had going on,” Steph said, in regards to her favorite part of InfoComm 2022. “I was also very impressed with the DTEN booth. They’re very intentional with their booth design. DTEN balanced telling a story while showing their products.”

At InfoComm, DTEN demonstrated its “inclusivity feature” called a “diner-style setup” in a videoconference so that those from home have a better view of those working from a huddle room. This feature incorporates different cameras, stitching the images together to create a panoramic view to increase the remote meeting experience.

X2O Media also has a similar product. This product is a “one-room solution,” an immersive, collaborative video product. This allows for easier, more improved communication between remote and in-person workers. It also allows for better directional audio and eye contact.

In one of our favorite executive interviews shown from the day, Gary Kayye spoke with LG’s Dan Smith to discuss what direction the AV industry is moving in. Smith said customers ask more questions along the lines of, “How holistic is this product? How easy is it to install and to use?” as the industry focuses more on usability.

International Report: Iffat Chaudhry and Kev Talbot

Steph and Emily met with Iffat Chaudhry, bid manager at Involve Visual Collaboration, and Kev Talbot, director of technical services at Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd, to talk about their thoughts on the show, international partnerships and InfoComm versus ISE.

“I personally think InfoComm is still a U.S. show,” Chaudhry said. “But when I compare it to ISE, I think ISE draws from a lot more countries and a lot more nationalities.”

Talbot echoes this thought, saying that InfoComm feels much more USA-centric, because there are more people from the United States there. He mentioned that it would help some manufacturers turn to welcome more international partners.

“People need people,” Talbot said. “I still think we’re a couple of years away. It might be my last InfoComm, but it definitely won’t be my last ISE. The education piece of InfoComm is just going to get better and better, and people have to experience that. People have to try them.”


Steph joined Haley Klein, director of marketing and communication at PSNI Global Alliance, for an UNSCRIPTED session.

“There is a supply chain issue right now,” Klein said. “The ones who are doing well are innovating, and they are coming up with new solutions to combat supply chain issues. The true integrator are coming up with solutions to keep us going. It was really cool to see when, for a while there, we didn’t have any foreseeable solutions.”

In a second UNSCRIPTED session, Juan Tobon joined Emily Dean to discuss the future of this technology and which XR products were their favorite during InfoComm 2022.

Tobon, director of business development at Vu Studios, said that seeing people again and going back to live shows was one of the most exciting things about being back in person for a trade show. He went on to add that it gave him a new appreciation for live shows.

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Overall, between all the sessions, it can be said that there have been a great deal of trends this year at InfoComm with hybrid solutions, personal video devices, UCC and all-in-one products.

We had a great time highlighting some of our favorite parts of InfoComm 2022 and hearing from others about their favorites. But we’re not finished yet! Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EDT, we’ll have one more jam-packed day of content.

All of the content captured and displayed during rePLAY InfoComm 2022 can be found on the InfoComm 2022 microsite! You only saw a small sample of the videos we shot at the show, so be sure to check out the rest at the link above. And, don’t forget to watch the video below of Gary getting a Sony booth tour! You won’t want to miss this!

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