LAVNCH WEEK 6: Let’s Talk Emerging Tech

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Emerging Technologies Day was one for the books. Our presenters were incredible, the technology was captivating and the sessions were both informative and fun.

I’m back to give you a quick wrap-up of the day’s events and to encourage you to register for it here and watch it yourself instead of reading my article.

Anyway, here’s what happened…

We kicked off the day with an exciting Emerging Tech update with Gary Kayye, Adrian Rashad Driscoll and Meg Sciarini. They talked about exciting updates in emerging tech and how trends that are happening now will impact the future of the industry. The buzzword(s) of the session was “story first.’ Our panel pushed how important it is not only to create a captivating experience but one that tells us a story.

“It all comes back to telling the story. That’s the most important part.” — Meg Sciarini

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Next, we met up with Megan A. Dutta, Hilary McVicker, David Title, Latoya Flowers and Gavin Downey to discuss whether or not immersive experiences are the new norm. The presenters started by providing what they believed the definition of immersive experiences is.

“The dictionary definition would be absorption. Deep absorption and full involvement. To me, what it’s really about is fully having that attention.” — Hilary McVicker

We then heard from each of them about some of the challenges that come with these installs, the unique ways they’ve used display technology to create an immersive experience and how audio plays a role in it all.

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Finally, Steph Beckett hosted an #avIRL session about SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. She was joined by Richard M. Coley, Lauren Krohn and Brandon Harp. These three were on the design team that created the larger-than-life experience that combines tech, architecture and media. During the session, our panel explained exactly how they were able to make SUMMIT a reality and the challenges they faced when doing so. My personal favorite was what their favorite parts about the install were.

“When you bring people through the space and watch their faces, the pictures they take and the happiness and joy.” — Brandon Harp

Throughout the day, we also had an UNSCRIPTED session, a fantastic video about , a quick discussion about the Metaverse Standards Forum and we received some SHOCKING news from Gary (I didn’t even know about it).

Oh, did I mention we did giveaways? And that we are doing more tomorrow?

So, rather than read my recap, join the event LIVE or on-demand here. I promise you’ll have a great time.