LAVNCH WEEK 6: ProAV Day Blew Me Away

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Wow, what a day. I knew today would be great, but I didn’t expect this. Our presenters really brought their A-game today with their infectious excitement and impressive industry knowledge.

I’m back once again to give you a recap and encourage you to do nothing with this article other than click here and watch today’s content.

So, here’s the recap you aren’t going to read because you’re registering instead …

First up, we had a ProAV update with Steph Beckett, Rodrigo Ordóñez, Alex Marie Wagner and John Henkel. The group covered all of the top ProAV trends they’ve noticed in 2022 and what they expect to see in 2023.

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“It’s much less focused on the specific product, technologies or ‘wow’ factor.” — Rodrigo Ordóñez

Included in the discussion were markets the panel saw thriving, which markets are up-and-coming and the “resimercial” trend.

Our next session was on the shift from hardware to software with Megan A. Dutta, Dave Hatz, Erica Williams, Kameesha Jones and Chrissy Sara. With supply chain issues, many AV professionals have been forced to make this shift and the group discussed when it’s appropriate to offer this alternative and what the advantages and disadvantages are.

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“Software-as-a-service has exploded. The move from hardware to software is allowing clients to save money due to the advancement of AI.” — Chrissy Sara

Finally, we had the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED fact-based discussion on supply-chain issues. During this session, Gary Kayye was joined by Brad Hintze, Paul Harris, Heather Sidorowicz and Avi Rosenthal. I was impressed by the group and how well they conducted themselves and interacted with one another. It allowed us to truly do a deep dive into the issues with supply chain and uncover when we may start returning back to normal lead times.

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Now, that’s all you get from me. You have to find out about the Snap One update, AVIXA’s 2022 Industry Outlook Report and what our giveaway is tomorrow (hint: it’s a Philips soundbar) by registering for LAVNCH WEEK 6 and watching all of the week’s incredible content!

Register here, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another recap of Digital Signage Day.