LAVNCH Week 7: ProAV Day Wrap-Up

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The last day of LAVNCH WEEK has arrived, and today we talked all about ProAV. To finish out the week, we had an amazing lineup of speakers and panels to deliver their wisdom right to your ears and screen.

Steph and Megan kicked off the day with a reminder that if you have missed any sessions, everything is available on demand so you can find all the fascinating content from LAVNCH WEEK there (including content from ProAV Day!).

They talked about the new rAVe temperature check for March about outdoor AV to gauge reader opinions on different parts of outdoor AV. AI month is also this month and rAVe invited attendees to complete this survey about the role of AI in AV. (There are gift cards on the line, people! Please fill out both surveys if you haven’t already. It helps us out a lot.)

The first speaker, Bill Newman of Yealink, talks about how to natively integrate control systems, DSP, combinable rooms and more into a native Teams Room deployment.

Newman detailed market trends, upcoming solutions, AI implementations and how these dynamics and technologies impact integrators. “We can now proliferate these advanced applications into these rooms that frankly never had the budget for it before,” he said.

Megan started off the first panel of the day with Luis Garcia, Joshua Willmann and Angelique M. Burke all about end users, integrators and technology managers. They talked about the differences and similarities between these terms and what they mean in the AV world.

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Garcia and Willmann spoke about how these roles have changed as technology has changed. “We’re seeing a little less integrator reliance for conference rooms but still heavily relying on integrators for our custom systems,” said Willmann.

Next up, Gary Kayye dove into how AI is expected to transform ProAV cameras. He showed a demo of the new Sony PTZ camera that uses AI technology and has a computing device inside the camera. “Now there’s a whole new bar set,” he said.

He next brought in a panel about ProAV updates featuring Alexis La Broi, Mark Coxon and John Garamendi. They talked a lot about the status of the ProAV market right now and where it’s going.

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With AI changing our world, the panel discussed the future of AV with AI. “I think we’re going to see a lot of AI in audio,” said La Broi. John Garamendi said he thinks AI will be critical in the classroom and in achieving meeting equity.

Aside from AI, the panel also discussed how LED applications and projection technologies are changing. “I think we can do some innovation to get people to the next step to get to LED, but we’re not quite there yet,” said La Broi.

Gary Kayye also showed an interview he did with Todd McCandless, director of LED strategy and sales for the Americas at Barco, to talk more about selling NOCs, SOCs and control rooms. They also discussed TruePix and other LED products.

For the last piece of content for the day, Steph moderated a panel about the return of live events with Amanda Eberle, Don Guzauckas and Wallace Johnson. As the world has opened up, live events have re-emerged, and Steph dove into what this has meant for the AV industry. The panel talked about how events evolved through the pandemic and how they expect events to be held in the future.

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“There’s a place for the all-in-person event but everything else will have some kind of online component,” said Guzauckas.

LAVNCH WEEK is now officially over, and was undoubtedly a huge success. Megan, Steph and Gary along with all of the featured panelists and speakers discussed so many interesting topics and voiced valuable insights.

If you want to check out any of these panels or presentations that you missed — or even rewatch them — you can find them on demand.