LAVNCH Week 7: ProAV Day Wrap-Up

March 13, 2023

The last day of LAVNCH WEEK has arrived, and today we talked all about ProAV. To finish out the week, we had an amazing lineup of speakers and panels to deliver their wisdom right to your ears and screen. Steph and Megan kicked off the day with a reminder that if you have missed any […]

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LAVNCH WEEK 6: ProAV Day Blew Me Away

October 27, 2022

Wow, what a day. I knew today would be great, but I didn’t expect this. Our presenters really brought their A-game today with their infectious excitement and impressive industry knowledge. I’m back once again to give you a recap and encourage you to do nothing with this article other than click here and watch today’s […]

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What Happens When Gary Kayye Interviews Industry Pros During LAVNCH? GARY: Unscripted

February 11, 2021

If you joined us for LAVNCH WEEK 3.0, you likely noticed that we had a new segment dubbed “GARY: Unscripted.” The concept is pretty much explained by the name: Gary Kayye hosted a series of rapid-fire, 10-minute sessions, where he would interview industry professionals with no script — a completely off-the-cuff conversation. Kayye interviewed a […]

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ProAV Day of LAVNCH WEEK 2.0: CX, Crystal Balls and a Hot Debate on AV-over-IP

June 23, 2020

ProAV is at a crossroads today. And it’s not just because so many of us are working from home and don’t know what the commercial/business space will look like in three months, even with well-researched predictions. Big innovations in ProAV were happening long before COVID-19, but the pandemic has expedited — expedited like the first […]

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Didn’t Get to Register for ProAV Day of LAVNCH WEEK? Alexis La Broi Gave Me a Preview of the Panel Topic

April 27, 2020

Hello, and welcome to the first day of LAVNCH WEEK if you’re registered, but if not, never fear because you know we always have tricks up our sleeves. Because of the nature of this project, we had to limit our registration to a certain number of people, so for the first order of business, I’d […]

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