LAVNCH WEEK 6, I Will Miss You

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What. A. Day. This week has been fantastic, and Digital Signage Day was the icing on the cake. Our presenters wowed us with great content that included current digital signage trends, how those trends will impact the industry and everything in between.

If you want to watch today or any of our LAVNCH WEEK 6 days, you can still register here to check it out on demand (or if you did watch it, go watch it again because it was that good!).

So, with sadness that it’s over but excitement that it happened, I bring you my last LAVNCH WEEK 6 recap article.

We kicked off the day with a short session highlighting what we can expect at DSE 2022 in Las Vegas Nov. 17-19. (You can register at and use our code “RAVEGIFT” for a free show floor pass!)  David Drain and Brad Gleeson joined Megan A. Dutta to share an inside look and discuss some new stuff we can expect at the show. I’ll be there, so come say hi! It’ll be hard to miss me, just keep an eye out for a girl in a purple shirt and a fanny pack (also purple).

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Then, we had a digital signage update with Megan A. Dutta, Sam Phenix and Stephanie Gutnik. The three covered new digital signage trends they’ve noticed this year, vertical markets that are thriving, whether or not 2022 is “the year for out-of-home advertising” and what’s coming up in 2023.

“People are becoming more aware of DOOH spaces and opportunities as we are getting back out after COVID.” — Stephanie Gutnik

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Next up, we had a quick session with Steph Beckett and Abigail Honor about how to keep digital signage fresh. The two discussed how technology deployment would not be successful without great content to go along with it.

“If digital signage content is for a brand, we do a lot of listening before so we can tell stories that will connect consumers with the brand and tell the brand story.” — Abigail Honor

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To conclude the day, we had a session on the digital signage ecosystem. Steph Beckett was joined by Ben Slattery, Abigail Honor and Mitchell Rosenberg, and believe me when I tell you, this may have been the funniest session of the week.

The four discussed numerous topics such as the saying “content is king,” what the driving force behind signage rather than tech will be, how companies need to up their content game and what big trends we should look forward to in the next year.

My favorite quote was definitely this one:

“Drop some acid. Close your eyes. Whatever you come up with, we will get it up there.” — Mitchell Rosenberg

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Today was a little short than others, but as we all know, it’s about the quality, not the quantity.

I can’t wait for LAVNCH WEEK 7 in March, so make sure you block your calendars NOW. I mean, if it’s even half as good as this week, why in the world wouldn’t you come? You can secure your spot here.

Oh yeah, we are also giving you a $10 Amazon gift card if you register today (Oct. 27) because we are just that excited about it. But it’s only if you register today so GO GO GO!!

So, thanks for bearing with me this week and reading my recaps. I’ve loved reliving every day of LAVNCH WEEK 6, and I can’t wait for LAVNCH WEEK 7.