CHUI Brings Facial Recognition to Front Door

chui-0914A start-up company debuting at CEDIA this week named Chui has combined facial recognition with advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques to make your face your key. “The great thing about your face,” says CEO and co-founder Shaun Moore, “is that you can’t lose it, nor can it be hacked or stolen.” Welcome news considering over 20 million keys were lost, and 3.1 million smart phones were stolen in the U.S. last year.

Chui’s first product is a uniquely intelligent doorbell that uses facial recognition to make one’s home keyless, secure and individualized. Its technology can be proactively set to recognize individuals and perform tasks unique to them. Among other functions, Chui unlocks one’s front door and enables other connected home devices upon facial recognition, setting them to the preferences of recognized individuals: adjusting the temperature to that perfect 72 degrees, illuminating lights to one’s ideal mood, turning on the TV or even igniting a connected fireplace.

Here are the details.