Intellithings Has RoomMe API

Intellithings has expanded accessibility for RoomMe through integration with four major professional smart home brands at CEDIA Expo 2019. Intellithings created an open RoomMe API to invite developers and residential technology professionals to write customized applications for RoomMe. Chowmain software has developed the first four new drivers including Control4, ELAN, RTI, and URC, in addition to RoomMe’s built-in ability to control and automate a host of DIY smart home devices and systems.

RoomMe is a personal location sensor (PLS) that leverages patented presence sensing technology (PST) to make room-to-room, person-specific smart home automations a reality. RoomMe works as an additional layer to smart home systems and devices. With RoomMe, the smart home doesn’t just act based on motion, occupancy or time-based programs, but adds hands-free control every time a user enters an assigned room. The RoomMe smartphone app has insight into which user is in which room, automatically adjusting to trigger pre-set personal settings in your smart home system. From lighting and comfort to music and entertainment, RoomMe adjusts the smart home to meet the preferences of that specific user.

Watch this quick product video to learn more:

Available now, RoomMe is $69 per sensor, and you can learn about it here or here.