Back to School

IMG_5889-0814What perfect timing!

The same day that I had the awesome pleasure of being in front of a best and brightest class of 22 CTS candidates from the Atlanta market of the AV industry, my five year old grandson started his first day of kindergarten. Today we both had a great day of back-to-school. Once again, I was reminded why I love what I love doing. Being a consultant and trainer allows me to blend passion and profit.  Passion is the most important part of that equation.  I imagine standing in front of a class of professionals that are looking to further their careers gives me the same nervous joy that a new kindergarten student feels on his first day of school.

Today our family was doubly blessed. We are once again reminded that doing what you love is what really matters in life. The message I really want to share here is the message I received from seeing my grandson in the photos today and the message I received from my class today. The message from both my class and my grandson was one in the same: Always find the joy in learning.

Back-to-School is such an exciting time because it helps us to remember that life-long learning is challenging and tough but it is also fun and exciting. It should be looked at how the kindergartener looks at the first day of school; with wide-eyes and seeing nothing but the opportunity and fun. If we approach just about any situation with the right expectations then at least 50 percent of the outcome is already determined and that outcome can be awesome. Given the opportunity, we should sign-up for all of the training and professional development opportunities we can. And while you are at it, why not sign up with grAVITation TECH?