AMX Debuts Smaller Digital Switchers

SDX-510M-DX_Rear-0614AMX’s new Solecis Switchers are digital switchers designed for small/huddle spaces. By integrating an AV switcher, a distance transport transmitter and control inputs that enable switching without the need for an external controller, Solecis addresses the needs of many meeting scenarios. Simple interface options including an AMX HydraPort toggle button or a Keypad. And they are easily mounted under conference room tables or in lecterns.

Solecis Digital Switchers were also designed to easily integrate into larger, more complex systems. All models include dual outputs; both an HDMI output for a local display, and an AMX DXLink distance transport output for a remote display. When integrated with an Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switcher or Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher, participants can collaborate using their local HDMI display and also present to a classroom display over the DXLink output.

Solecis is available in three models to support varying room requirements and device formats. The 5×1 Multi-Format Digital Switcher includes both HDMI and VGA inputs and is perfectly suited to accommodate long tables with AV connection points at either end. The 4×1 and 8×1 HDMI models are great choices where digital video formats are paramount. All Solecis Switchers are HDCP compliant and support AMX InstaGatePro technology for worry-free switching of copy protected sources. They also all include a multi-port Ethernet switch to easily distribute network connectivity at the table.

The 5×1 Multi-Format Solecis Digital Switchers are expected to ship in the U.S. in December 2014 and globally in March 2015. The 4×1 and 8×1 models will begin shipping in Q1 2015.

Here are all the specs.