2014: A Banner Year

2015-anthony-12142014 has been a banner year in the A/V/L tech world. We’ve seen more innovations — deep, significant changes that are still reverberating. It’s certainly exciting, but as much as there’s been change, some things never change, including the need for better training for the operators of all this marvelous technology.

With a new year fast approaching — and the new budgets that quickly follow — the time is now to innovate beyond the technology and re-imagine what it means to empower the end users and operators of this fantastic tech. Investing in those who stand behind your consoles, program on your gear and operate with your brand name on the line is the next big innovation playground for this industry.

Further, I submit that 2015 should be different from year’s past advertising efforts aimed at churches. Honestly, folks, the majority of ads are nothing short of half-baked pandering. Fortunately, there are a six examples from 2014 that demonstrate the best HOW ads of the year. I’ve provided them as examples, along with why they’re well-suited for the church market.

Let’s see what you can do in 2015! The HOW market could certainly benefit from your renewed focus!

Merry Christmas,

Anthony Coppedge