Tripp-Lite Adds Surge Suppressor with Two USB Ports and Clamps

tripplite-clampsTripp-Lite has expanded its line of surge protection products with the introduction of the new TLP606DMUSB Protect It! Surge Suppressor — a new economical surge suppressor that features built-in clamps that attach to the sides of desks, workbenches and tables for better accessibility to outlets. It also has two USB ports for charging and powering portable devices.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Six outlets, including two widely spaced to accommodate bulky transformers
• Two USB charging ports capable of delivering 2.1 amps of power to charge smartphones, tablets and MP3 players
• Heavy-duty protection with a 2100-joule surge suppression rating
• Two built-in clamps secure the unit to workbenches, desks and tables tightly enough to prevent the weight of connected cords from detaching the unit from the surface

Here are all the details