SAVANT Adds Wi-Fi Power Management Products to SmartEnergy Lineup

savant-energyAt CEDIA, Savant Systems introduced three power management products in its SmartEnergy product line. The SmartEnergy products are primarily focused on energy monitoring, and these new devices bring Wi-Fi connectivity to the lineup. Installers and end-users can now access SmartEnergy monitoring and control features with simple plug-in modules.

The three new energy management products include a Wi-Fi enabled wall plug, power strip and a current sensor. These new devices have been designed to give users significant energy management data at cost-effective price points and are an ideal solution for retrofit installations because they do not require rewiring. Savant’s Wi-Fi SmartPlug delivers power measurement for individual appliances, whereas the power strip provides six outlets: four managed receptacles for power measurement and two unmanaged receptacles that still benefit from the surge protection feature. Both the single plug and the power strip offer surge protection as well as remote on/off control capability using Savant’s TrueControl apps. The current sensor enables integrators to offer monitoring of a single circuit that is hardwired without a plug accessible.

Savant’s new energy management line will become available in Q4, 2013 and here are all the details.