Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper, a former rAVe employee, enjoyed the endless opportunities for creativity in many different formats. Whether it was print, web, e-mail, 3D illustration, video, screen printing or any number of new forms of media – he had the opportunity to try it all while getting rAVe’s message out. Every day has new design and project management challenges – but it’s what he loves to do and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Matt lives in Durham with his wife and two cats. He likes fiction podcasts, NPR, game nights and watching obscure television on stations you’ve never heard of. Matt knows a ton of facts about random topics, and he regularly likes to correct Gary and Sara when they are wrong.

Spotomate: Fast, Inexpensive Video Content for Your Digital Signage


Dave Haynes, founder and blogger over at Sixteen:Nine, has launched an innovative service for digital signage operators in need of high-quality video content to run on a DS network. Spotomate is a cloud-based video template creation platform. Which, is a fancy way of saying that you drag-and-drop photos and enter text onto a template in a […]

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Tales from the Front of the Toshiba 2014 LEAD Conference


The 2014 Toshiba LEAD conference in Dallas was great, and we’re glad rAVe could come and cover it again this year. It was my first time venturing into the strange world of Managed Print Services (MPS) and seeing how Toshiba ties AV into its business model. For those unfamiliar with this gathering, the show is primarily aimed at […]

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High Hopes for CEDIA 2014


On a random side-note, has anybody really read Frank Sinatra’s lyrics to “High Hopes”? They are weird. For instance — a ram trying to destroy a hydroelectric plant? I’m coming to CEDIA this year with an open mind — and like many attendees, I really want to be blown away with a clear winning product or […]

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Weekly Wrap-up: August 15, 2014


Happy Friday #avtweeps!Here are some of the top stories that we think deserve a second look. This week’s wrap-up features a blog post from Gary Kayye, a new partnership between Polycom, Crestron and Sharp means competition for Cisco, theCEDIA Expo is only a few weeks away and more! Enjoy! • Choosing Between Wired or Wireless: • Polycom and Crestron Electronics […]

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Virtually Limitless


Very recently, virtual reality has finally grown out of the ridiculous spectacle of the early ’90s into a legitimate display peripheral. Much of the credit for bringing VR back from the brink and into the mainstream consciousness goes to the Oculus Rift, started by a 22-year-old with the world’s largest head-mounted display collection, Palmer Luckey. […]

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Calibration is Back


I’ve been told that given the cost and time involved in careful commercial display calibration, there was a lull in integrators offering calibration services for the bulk of display installs. With the increasing popularity of video walls over large projectors the market pressure for calibration services is on the rise. When displays are that close, […]

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4K Shenanigans


I’m starting the day off with one of the biggest feature buzzwords of InfoComm: 4K. And rightly so, 3D in the commercial world has safely faded into obscurity for what it should be – a gimmick to be used sparingly when you need to catch people’s attention for applications like digital signage. At a certain […]

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Yamaha Corporation Acquires Revolabs


Yamaha and Revolabs announced today that the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement in which Yamaha will acquire Revolabs, which will operate as a subsidiary. Yamaha, an audio manufacturer that already offers voice communication and pro audio equipment, will be able to expand its portfolio to include wireless microphone systems and conference phones. […]

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These Are a Few of My Favorite (DSE) Things


Although this year’s DSE was full of great technology, the items discussed below are indeed a few of my favorite things. Before going into detail, let me just say that it has been a crazy DSE — I haven’t seen the official numbers, but attendance feels way up. I know this because part of my […]

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