Tripp Lite Introduces Five New A/V Surge Suppressors

At CES last week, Tripp Lite introduced five new premium surge suppressors designed for audio/video applications. The new Platinum and Gold Series A/V Surge Suppressors are designed to provide users with professional-grade surge protection solutions for their valuable A/V components.

The three new Platinum Series A/V Surge Suppressors incorporate Tripp Lite’s Isobar surge technology to provide connected audio/video components with the highest level of protection available — up to 3384 joules of surge-stopping power. With up to 10 AC outlets, plus telephone/modem, Ethernet and high-definition gold coaxial protection, they safeguard connected components on every line. Exclusive isolated filter banks that eliminate interference between connected components and EMI/RFI line noise filtering help to ensure that users get the peak audio and video performance they paid for. The Platinum Series consists of three models:

AVBAR10 – 10 total outlets, 4 transformer outlets

AVBAR8 – 8 total outlets, 2 transformer outlets

AVBAR6 – 6 total outlets

The two new Gold Series A/V Surge Suppressors offer an advanced yet economical surge protection solution for A/V systems. They provide up to 3345 joules of surge-stopping power, up to 8 AC outlets, plus telephone/modem and high-definition gold coaxial line protection. The Gold Series consists of two models:

AV810 – 8 total outlets, 3 transformer outlets

AVSWIV6 – 6 total outlets

Pricing has not been announced.