That’s a Wrap on LAVNCH WEEK 9’s EdTech Day!

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Did you make it to EdTech Day of LAVNCH WEEK 9? I am taking a quick poll. If the answer is no, click here; if the answer is yes, click here.

Like what I did there?

This was our first-ever EdTech Day during a LAVNCH WEEK, and I can’t believe we didn’t think of adding it sooner because the content was incredible (we have had an education-focused day before, but technically, this is our first time branding it as EdTech). From the product demos to Steph’s panel to the EdTech update, our presenters held nothing back as they shared expert insights and personal experiences. Want to know what was said during the discussions? I’m not telling. You have to watch EdTech Day on demand in order to find out.

That’s a lie; Steph is making me write a recap article, but just know I am going to make it so interesting with so many cliffhangers you have no other option than to watch it on demand. So, save yourself some time by just going here.

No? Ok, suit yourself.

First up for EdTech Day, we had an amazing product demo by Mimo Monitors’ President and CEO, David Anderson, of the FlashCast Visual Alert Overlay. This first-of-its-kind hardware acts as a programmable video overlay and proved to be a game-changer, which caused the Q&A and NETWORKING session to blow up with questions and comments about how impressive it was. In fact, we went over time because of how much excitement the demo generated.

Next, Steph Beckett led a discussion with Scott Tiner, Will DeWitt, James Patterson and Stephen “Chewie” Stavar. The group discussed the importance of keeping your EdTech systems up-to-date and took a deep dive into the topic of technical debt.

“Technical debt, the actual term, comes from software development, but I think we can use it in a number of ways with technology. So it’s really the cost that any business will accrue when they put off fixes or cut corners in systems that will then cost them money.” — Scott Tiner, Director of Client Services at Bates College

Then, we watched one of the coolest demos I’ve seen of Yamaha’s ADECIA RM-CG ceiling microphone solution. Gary Kayye was joined by Yamaha’s senior field systems engineer, Tim Mackie, and Tim showed us how the product is set to redefine audio quality in conferencing and collaboration environments. Want to find out how? I told you, watch EdTech Day on demand!

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This LAVNCH WEEK, we switched some things up and brought in new moderators. Steph and Gary wanted to share the spotlight, so the EdTech update featured Erin Maher-Moran as our moderator with Kameesha Jones and Joe Mark Phillips. The three discussed the latest trends in the industry and told us exactly how they would impact the future of both higher ed and K-12 markets. That’s right, if you watch EdTech Day on demand, you will find out what the industry’s future will look like.

Finally, we ended the day with a product demo of Brainstorm’s Edison Ecosystem. Gary Kayye was joined by Brainstorm’s EdTech sales manager, Pablo Caram. During the demo, Pablo showed how simple the product is and how it can help teachers enhance lessons through immersive experiences.

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So, there you have it: the entire EdTech Day lineup but with none of the specifics. I told you I’d leave you wanting more. So, go watch EdTech Day on demand and find out why I am so adamant about you doing so. You won’t be disappointed.