Stealth Acoustics to Debut Outdoor Subwoofer at CEDIA

stealth-outdoorsub-0913Stealth is integrating its B30 invisible subwoofer speaker platform into an outdoor version in the form of the completely-sealed StingRay SR430 subwoofer. It uses eight 8-inch high power cone woofers firing actively into four independent, 512-square inch, impenetrable panel faces on the sides of the environmentally protected pedestal style box. This device uses four Stealth B30 subwoofer panels, and fires passively into a fitth sealed diaphragm on the bottom of the speaker to capture rear energy from the eight drivers. In total this equates to more than 2,500 square inches of radiating surface.

It will ship in early 2014 and list for $1,600. More specs will be here following CEDIA.