Juice Goose Launches IP-Based Power Controller

ip1520-front-web-0913The Juice Goose iP 1520 is a microcontroller-based power distribution system that can be accessed via Ethernet or RS232. It allows for individual AC receptacles to be turned on and off, shutting down power to individual pieces of gear that isn’t being used. The iP 1520 has six outlets grouped into three individual “Power Pods” and a 20-amp capacity and provides AC line conditioning and surge protection. In addition, current draw can be monitored from 0.2 to 20.0 amps per power POD.

The iP 1520 can be controlled by the on-board Web GUI via any web browser or it can be remote controlled by RS232. Other features include: automatic power cycle to reboot whenever a network connection is lost, local fail safe sequencing and manual override and it’s housed in a iU high, 19″ wide rack mountable enclosure.

Here are all the specs.