S1Digital Intros Blu-ray Disc Changer

S1Digital 0210

At CES, S1Digital launched the S1Digital Blu-ray Disc S1Digital-0210Changer that can hold 100 discs and seamlessly integrates with any S1Digiral Entertainment Server.

When connected to an S1Digital Media Center (or any third party Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista PC that includes media center), users are able to load up to 100 Blu-ray and/or DVD movies into the S1Digital Bly-ray Disc Changer. Using the included playback software, each disc will be scanned and metadata and cover-art automatically downloaded to the server. Once catalogued, users can view more information about the movie, or watch the movie by selecting the appropriate cover-art, which is all available on the familiar and easy-to-use media center interface. The changer is simple to use and enables almost instant access to movies without having to physically find and load each movie.