Sony Shows New 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player


Sony Electronics announced a new Ultra HD Blu-ray universal player. Sony’s first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray (dubbed the UBP-X800) is compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray (3840×2160) as well as video streaming in 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR). The UBP-X800 provides Ultra HD Blu-ray playback with wide color space BT.2020, which offers twice the […]

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The Case for Home Theater Ethernet


Most middle class homes have multiple mobile devices floating around. From iPod Touches to smartphones, tablets and laptops, the average family has quite a few gadgets relying on its Wi-Fi wireless connectivity to get to the internet and consume social media and streaming content like video and music. Many consumers don’t realize that there’s an alternative to Wi-Fi called Ethernet. […]

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Sharp First with 100GB Blu-ray: BDXL

Sharp is the first optical disc maker to launch a new Blu-ray format (BDXL) that offers 100GB to 128GB of storage. This is pretty interesting since Sony invented Blu-ray!  While the existing dual-layer Blu-ray format offers approximately 50GB per disc, the new BDXL format (by increasing the allowed layers on a disc from two to […]

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Digital Download Overtakes Blu-ray for First Time


It’s not that Blu-ray isn’t finally racing along… it’s more the danger that digital download is sprinting faster and is threatening to permanently overtake Blu-ray in the future. Digital distribution platforms (streaming video) for home entertainment (including video-on-demand) outpaced Blu-ray discs in US consumer spending during the first half of 2010, passing the $1 billion […]

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Blu-ray Disc: Stormy Waters Ahead


Today I’m revisiting one of my favorite topics: The Blu-ray optical disc format, and its continuing struggle to supplant red laser DVDs while fending off challenges from broadband-delivered video; in particular, Netflix streaming and direct digital downloads of movies in the 1080p HD format to DVRs. My file of BD-related stories has grown enormous over […]

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3D Blu-ray Players Debut


Panasonic is the first Blu-ray manufacturer to actually show a production model 3D recorder/player in the form of the DMP-BDT900K.  It’s HDMI 1.4 capable, includes 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports (in and out) and an Ethernet port (for connecting to Netflix).  No price, yet, but expect it to be in the range of $1000 […]

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Anthem Shows $799 Blu-ray Player


Calling themselves the “leading manufacturer of high-end electronics,” Anthem has debuted a $799 Blu-ray player in the form of the BLX 200.  Incorporated with HDMI 1.3, the networkable Blu-ray includes 1GB of memory, a 2GB USB Flash Drive, 12-bit color, 7.1 PCM audio output and, of course, native 1080p playback from any Blu-ray disc. The […]

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Crestron Adds to ADMS with 200-Disc Blu-ray Changer


A 200-disc Blu-ray changer and a network video server are the latest additions to Crestron’s ADMS Intermedia Delivery System line. The ADC-200BR 200-disc Blu-ray changer can be cascaded to hold 1,000 discs, the CEN-NAS-4TB features four hot-swappable 1TB hard drives with RAID 5 protection, and both are designed to integrate with the 1080p output Crestron […]

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The Blu-ray 3D Standard


The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) releases the Blu-ray 3D, a long-awaited standard for full 1080p viewing of 3D movies on home TVs. The first Blu-ray machines for 3D will be shown at CES in Las Vegas in January and shipping later this year. 3D movies (yes, Avatar!) will be played on these Blu-ray 3D machines […]

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LG Announces First Blu-ray Disc Player With Instant Netflix Streaming to the TV

In the third such move in a month, a new device was announced that can stream Netflix movies directly onto the television. Previous announcements included players from Roku and Xbox. Only THIS time, it’s LG, and THIS time, it’s combined with a Blu-ray player. LG and Netflix announced plans for the first Blu-ray disc player […]

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HDMI’s Dirty Little Secret

By Gary Kayye, CTS By now, you’ve probably all seen the HDMI connector (the connector standard for high-resolution HD-TV content) on something. It’s everywhere. It’s on HD-DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, HD DirecTV set-top boxes, Explorer 8300 HD Cable TV boxes, HD-flat panel TV’s, Sony’s PlayStation 3 – everywhere you see HD content. But, it’s […]

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Blockbuster Backs Blu-ray

You read it here first, when I predicted that Blu-ray would, hands down, beat HD DVD in the new HD format war. Apparently, Blockbuster agrees. The movie rental giant announced the company has chosen Blu-ray as the official HD format for its stores and all 1,700 of its corporate-owned stores will stock Blu-ray titles by mid-July. It’s […]

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