Curt Robbins

Curt Robbins

Curt Robbins has 25 years experience as a technical writer, instructional designer, and communications specialist. He typically applies his experience to the IT departments of clients like FedEx, USAA, Northrop Grumman, and Microsoft. He has authored 27 books and is currently developing a series of Kindle books regarding consumer technology topics, including home theater, personal data security, home automation, self-driving and electric cars, streaming media, 3D printing, and wearable tech. Two examples of his work are "Home Theater for the Internet Age" and "Understanding Personal Data Security". He also publishes a series of instructional slideshows on Slideshare. Mr. Robbins is available for speaking engagements and consulting. He tweets on a regular basis from @CurtRobbins.

Consumer Tech is the New Religion


I’m certainly not the first to declare it, but consumer technology is the new religion of the 21st century. With all due respect to your spiritual faith (or lack thereof), middle class consumers are quickly becoming technology zealots. Daily, we worship at the altar of social media and mobile devices. Our prayers for the blessings of bigger […]

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The Reality of Hydrogen Vehicles


In addition to consumer tech and AV-related topics, I also write quite a bit about electric vehicles and alternative transportation. I appreciate rAVe Publications as a blogging environment because they encourage members of their Blogsquad to publish posts regarding a variety of topics, not just AV-related issues. I recently posted to LinkedIn some quotes by Tesla […]

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Home Automation: Increasingly Affordable


Home automation has long been the domain of the upper middle class and wealthy. Expensive, professionally installed proprietary systems have traditionally dominated the home automation landscape. The rise of mobile tech and ubiquitous wireless communications — combined with less expensive and more powerful sensors and electronics — are finally enabling the availability of relatively affordable devices. […]

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North Korean Cyberterrorism: You’re Unprepared


It was revealed yesterday, in an announcement from the FBI, that North Korea was responsible for the recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. The attack resulted in the public release of thousands of confidential (and embarrassing) email messages and documents involving Sony, its executives, popular celebrities, and many of the entertainment company’s business partners — […]

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The Case for Home Theater Ethernet


Most middle class homes have multiple mobile devices floating around. From iPod Touches to smartphones, tablets and laptops, the average family has quite a few gadgets relying on its Wi-Fi wireless connectivity to get to the internet and consume social media and streaming content like video and music. Many consumers don’t realize that there’s an alternative to Wi-Fi called Ethernet. […]

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Higher Ed & Corporate Thinking – Part 2


Thanks to my colleague Brett Tipton for his contribution to today’s blog post. Brett is a writer, teacher, and public speaker. He brings a great in-the-trenches perspective to the topic of higher education, how well it prepares students for the real world of corporate America, and how corporations themselves — and IT departments, in particular — […]

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