RGB Intros SuperView 4K

rgbspectrum 4k 0513

SuperView 4K RGB Spectrum’s new SuperView 4K is aimed at multi-windowing “Ultra HD” (aka 4K) monitors and projectors. The company says it can handle resolutions up to 3840×2160, so it can display up to eight HD graphic or video windows on a single Ultra HD-resolution display device.

Features include window sizing and positioning, input grouping, panning and zooming, custom borders and titles, HDCP support and programmable presets. Images can be arranged anywhere on an Ultra HD display – in any size, with or without overlaps, and with any desired priority. For control applications, the SuperView 4K multiviewer offers SinglePoint KVM control of computer sources.

Connectivity is either single-link or dual-link DVI and control is via RS232 or the system’s Web Control Panel (WCP) via a Web browser.

Here are all the specs: http://www.rgb.com/products/SuperView4k/?c=n