Terra Introduces RGB Color and Dimming to Its LED Light and Sound Bollard

Tower-Black-on-RED-0814Terra’s LS.32 lighting and sound bollard now has RGB color and dimming options available. Designer and installers will soon be able to give clients the option of choosing white or colored illumination for their landscape lighting. Control capabilities will include dimming, single color lighting and automatic continuous color shifting. The custom manufactured MR16 RGB lamps employed are designed for outdoor use and may be exposed to the elements.

The new Terra 12-volt RGB dimming power supply, controller, RGB amplifier and RGB lamps are designed to work within the DMX512 standard for lighting control. The DMX512 standard can be integrated with Crestron, AMX and other third party residential and commercial control systems.

Terra plans to ship the LS.32 by January 1, 2015. Details are here.