Terra Introduces RGB Color and Dimming to Its LED Light and Sound Bollard


Terra’s LS.32 lighting and sound bollard now has RGB color and dimming options available. Designer and installers will soon be able to give clients the option of choosing white or colored illumination for their landscape lighting. Control capabilities will include dimming, single color lighting and automatic continuous color shifting. The custom manufactured MR16 RGB lamps […]

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RGB Intros SuperView 4K


RGB Spectrum’s new SuperView 4K is aimed at multi-windowing “Ultra HD” (aka 4K) monitors and projectors. The company says it can handle resolutions up to 3840×2160, so it can display up to eight HD graphic or video windows on a single Ultra HD-resolution display device. Features include window sizing and positioning, input grouping, panning and zooming, custom borders and titles, HDCP support and […]

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RGB Spectrum’s New Adapter Allows for Dual-link Inputs on MediaWall and SuperView


Dual-link signals are being used in more and more installations thanks to the format’s ability to carry higher resolutions, faster refresh rates and pixel depths greater than 24 bits. RGB Spectrum’s solution to this is an adapter (DLA-100) that offers the advantage of full resolution dual-link signals throughout the entire video chain. The dual-link option […]

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RGB Spectrum Adds DVI Dual-link Option to the MediaWall 2900 and SuperView 4100


RGB Spectrum has added a DVI dual-link option for its MediaWall 2900 video wall processor and its SuperView 4100 multiview processor to accommodate these higher resolutions such as 2560×1600 (WXGA). The MediaWall 2900 offers two DVI dual-link outputs; the SuperView 4100 needs only one. Both processors support up to 2560×1600 on each output. Eight video-graphic […]

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