Rants & rAVes — Episode 1249: You’re Using Barco’s ClickShare; Why Not Use XMS Cloud Too?

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Barco’s ClickShare has become a ubiquitous UCC product — having won yet another rAVe Reader’s Choice Award, but did you know that Barco has an entire IT-based management platform for ClickShare that’s entirely cloud-based? Dubbed XMS Cloud, the company just improved it with a new update, and it’s designed to give IT professionals device control, proactive intervention and remote management of any Barco ClickShares within a facility. Barco’s Lars Duziack joins my next Rants & rAVes episode to talk about how XMS Cloud helps bridge a relationship between AV pros and IT pros while making management of ClickShares much, much easier. Barco will be at InfoComm 2023 in booth #2529. So, watch this and ensure you get a XMS Cloud demo!