Pexip Adds Auto-Framing via AI to UCC Meetings

pipex isePexip announced the release of “Adaptive Composition” to add real-time face detection, auto-framing and optimized use of screen real estate during UCC calls.

The features seem pretty straightforward, but a lot of artificial intelligence went into making this happen:

  • Participant auto-framing: Often, users do not realize how their video camera is framed in a meeting, causing them to appear off-centered or small in a large room. By automatically framing participants for an optimal view, users have a more natural, engaging experience. Adaptive Composition is device-agnostic and works with any camera or video system; it also improves the capability of room-based camera framing.
  • Intelligent composition: Traditional meeting services rely solely on basic voice detection to determine who is featured. When a person or group makes noise, other groups are often demoted to a smaller view, making people’s expressions and reactions less visible. Pexip’s Adaptive Composition prioritizes rooms with more people, in addition to the active speakers, to ensure the most active rooms remain featured at all times. It also makes better use of screen real estate by reducing the unused white space around video feeds.
  • New meeting indicators: Every meeting is different. People may join from different devices, join late, join the wrong meeting, or start recording in the middle of a conversation. Pexip’s new meeting experience gives hosts the information they need to reduce disruptions during the session. New embedded meeting indicators show attendee count, audio-only users, and lock and recording status, so both hosts and attendees can focus on the meeting itself.

Also, display names appear when participants speak, ensuring that speakers are easily identified even without reaching the top of the meeting layout. This creates a less distracting user interface and allows individual speakers to remain in focus.

While dedicated video systems and camera manufacturers offer similar framing functionality at the device level, Pexip is first to bring this experience to any participant, regardless of whether they join a meeting through a video room system, browser or app. Adaptive Composition will be available as a tech preview in version 23 of Pexip’s self-hosted software, Pexip Infinity, expected to launch in Q1 of this year. And, it will be demoed at the ISE Show in Amsterdam next month.