Want to Use Zoom to Broadcast a Meeting via an Entire Digital Signage Network? Enplug Can Do That

enplug zoomEnplug has added the ability to broadcast Zoom video conferences via Enplug’s digital signage platform. Enplug’s new Zoom App is freely available to Enplug users via the company’s App Market. Enplug’s new Zoom App streamlines the process of broadcasting live events and presentations to multiple screens.

From within Enplug’s Zoom App, users create a new meeting, which then generates a unique Zoom URL for that particular meeting. Once the host joins the conference, all screens connected to the Enplug digital signage network automatically join the video conference. To conclude the conference, the host ends the meeting within the Zoom App, and all endpoints then disconnect from the conference and revert to regularly scheduled content.

Joining a Zoom meeting that’s already scheduled is as simple as pasting a previously scheduled Zoom meeting URL into the Enplug dashboard. Similar to a livestream, the video conference can then be displayed on any screen within a user’s digital signage network.

Using the Zoom App to reach a broad audience instantly opens up near-endless possibilities for Enplug users. Possible corporate scenarios include company executives sharing quarterly financial results, or leading all-hands meetings with teams in offices across the country. Benefits extend well beyond the workplace into other institutional applications, such as education. For example, school faculty can use the Zoom App to greet students at the start of a new school year with a welcome address delivered across classrooms and campuses.